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What's Going On?

Productive rescue coalition meeting at DCHS

Feral cat coalition meeting at the Wisconsin Humane Society went well - read what happened here

Sign the No Kill Declaration today

Weigh in on our new Feral Forum

Humane Society of Pierce-St. Croix - Down and Out?

Windmills Get Free-Pass, Cats Don't ... discussion

CATsnip, Jefferson County's newest cat-rescue squad launches their new website

LaCrosse Paper Questions Costs, Legality of TNR on Eve of Seminars

WisconsinCAT releases new general info flyer...(pdf here)

Dane County Humane Society Flooded with Cats - No-Cost Adoptions

Dane County Friends of Ferals promotes No Kill mission

Links to other rescue groups

Link-archive for the history of Q62

Feral Forum debunks bird-predation myths, clarifies No Kill mission...

"I think it is wrong that these activists hold such power as they do. The politicians are all scared of them and lay down. I am one little guy who was looking to change something. It is not about animal cruelty, it is about individual landowner rights." - Mark Smith, sour on his defeat