Join WisconsinCAT as we seek to make No Kill a reality for Wisconsin's cats

Why does Q62 matter?


Q62 matters because it threatens the cats of Wisconsin and the sensibilities of those with reason and compassion.

Q62 is the now-infamous “cat-hunting” proposal offered by Mark Smith of Lacrosse-county that would classify collarless cats not under the obvious control of an owner as fair-game to anyone with a small-game license.  This would mean no closed-season, no bag-limit, and no chance to scan a microchip for any cat facing a 12-year-old kid with a .22 and a low-tolerance for cats.  If Q62 were to pass, this would not only be condoned under law, but actually considered a public-service according to Mark Smith.

Q62 addresses a bird population problem and suggests that free-roaming cats are the cause.  That’s the first lie we are fed about this initiative.  I‘ve got two words: habitat loss.  The bigger lie is the suggestion that passing Q62 will actually do anything to solve it.  It won’t.  It was never intended to and no scientist has ever claimed it would.  Q62 was only about legal protection for those that want to shoot cats.  Mark Smith and the Q62 crowd grabbed Stan Temple’s limited research in an attempt to sell this proposal as good science.  So far, they’ve gotten away with it.

The funny thing is that Stan Temple has never endorsed or given public support to Q62, nor has he ever spoken with Mark Smith.  From Mark Smith’s proposal, you’d think he and Stan had been working on this bird problem together for years.  Not so, according to Stan Temple.  Dr. Temple is actually a trap-neuter-contain (TNC) guy, but that’s too far out for most to handle.  The bottom-line is that he is in favor of an effective and humane solution, as are we.  Q62 is neither effective nor humane.  You’ll notice that nobody is claiming Stan Temple as a Q62 supporter anymore.  He tells me that this is a good thing.

Any wildlife ecologist will tell you that in order to manage populations effectively, you need to control birth-rate factors.  Q62 does nothing to address the birth-rate factors of the bird or cat populations.  Picking off a few thousand cats will do little to affect the overall homeless cat population, nor by extension the bird population.  It won’t even have the positive impact of a well-deployed spay/neuter program.  And by not addressing the actual causes of bird-population loss, Mark’s claim of concern is no longer credible.  So where’s the science?  When you get the actual purpose of the proposal, you stop looking for it.

Our biggest problem with Q62 is that its supporters lack the courage to tell us what the bill is really about.  Q62 is nothing more than legal cover for those that seek to shoot or otherwise kill ownerless cats.  Those inside the DNR will tell you off-the-record that the supporters of Q62-style legislation are seeking legal protection to do what they already do; shoot cats.  If you have to mislead the public to gain support for your proposal, it certainly reveals something about the power of your idea.

About those death-threats.  This was purely distraction.  The media told millions of people around the world that Mark Smith wants to shoot cats and then we’re surprised that a few nut-balls want to substitute Mark for the cat?  We weren’t.  What was sillier to us was that the press couldn’t get past this childishness and examine what Q62 offered or lacked.  We saw the media either latching onto sensationalism or going overboard to “balance” the story.  We’d just prefer the truth.

The truth is that Q62 is a big lie.

The truth is that Q62 will hurt our cats and our state’s reputation

The truth is that Q62 will do nothing to help our states’ birds

The truth is that Q62 will do nothing to solve the ownerless-cat problem

The truth is that Q62 is simply about protecting those who shoot cats

The truth is that the Conservation Congress is a Hunters’ Lobby

The truth is that Q62 passed 53-1 a year ago in Lacrosse-county

The truth is that an unpopular Dove-Hunt was publicly legitimized in a similar fashion

The truth is the Hunters’ Lobby should have never touched Q62

The truth is that the Hunters’ Lobby is the wrong place to draw up cat-control policies

The truth is that Wisconsinites expect Humane Societies to address cat problems, not hunters

The truth is that Q62 is bad politics and bad policy

The truth is that Q62 should be voted down aggressively on April 11th

We will know where we stand as a state on April 11th.

We urge you to participate and join us in a protest-vote at the annual Hunters’ Lobby meeting on April 11th at 7PM.  We hope to add our voice to the many hunters, farmers, and conservationists that agree that Q62 is a bad idea that must be stopped for good on April 11th.

We’re pro-cat and we vote!