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Conservation Congress Drops Feral Cat Proposal

Madison, WI, May 13th, 2005 – Wisconsin’s “Cat-Hunting” proposal has been defeated!

WisconsinCAT is delighted to report that the Conservation Congress has decided to drop Q62, the now infamous “cat-hunting” proposal, from further consideration before its body. They apparently have no intention of passing this on to the Natural Resources Board, the policy-setting body of the Wisconsin DNR. This means that Q62 is a dead proposal and will see no future action by either the DNR or our State Legislature.

WisconsinCAT wishes to extend its congratulations and gratitude to countless individuals and organizations that played a role in defeating this irresponsible policy.

The defeat of Q62 does not mean that Wisconsin’s free-roaming cat problem is resolved, nor does it mean an end to the DSTC campaign. There is no question that too many unfixed cats wander outdoors in Wisconsin and the results are obvious. Humane societies euthanize thousands of healthy cats on an annual basis as a result. We have the power to change this if we choose to.

Please join us at the Wisconsin’s first-ever “Feral Forum” to be held at Monona Terrace Convention Center on June 25th where concerned groups and citizens will come together as a state and develop effective and humane strategies for dealing with free-roaming cats in our state. Alley Cat Allies has been invited to play a special role at the forum. They are a nationally recognized leader in the area of feral cats, Trap-Neuter-Return programs, and community animal-control and we welcome their support of our efforts.

Stay tuned in to our website at for details regarding the death of Q62, information regarding the upcoming Feral Forum, and other information regarding the future of Wisconsin’s cats.

For more information, please contact: Ted O’Donnell with WisconsinCAT (608.209.5527)