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Why Hunters Lose Land with Q62

This is an actual e-mail we recently recieved from a Wisconsin landowner (we receive many e-mails that make a similar point, but this one was especially well-wrtitten):

Dear Wisconsin DNR,

Thank you for your email. I am still resolved to not have hunters on my land. Regardless of how the Conservation Congress was established or how it is maintained, the results of their decisions are sanctioned by the DNR. The DNR issues hunting licences and people with those licences may, being sanctioned by the DNR, have the legal protection to shoot my cats. To me, the solution is simple, keep the hunters off of my property.

I have been rescuing ferrel cats for almost 30 years. I also rehab raccoons, possums, dogs, song birds and anything else that needs help. I have been doing it at my own, out of pocket, expense. I have rehabed raccoons and then found them shot. I have rehabed crows and because they were friendly, they were shot. I had a 15 year old collie come home with an arrow through it. The arrow had "bent" written on the side. Yes, my dog was on my neighbors farm. But it was ok with my neighbor that the dog was there. Hunters have not been allowed on that 360 acre Sun Prairie farm since 1978! That family ones 2 more farms of that size. Where I grew up, we did not see alot of hunters! We worried about hunters mistaking our horses for deer! My parents did not allow us to ride our ponies during deer hunting season!

You claim that if the deer population is not controlled that thousands of person will die on Wisconsin highways. What on earth do you think would happen if the rat and mouse populations went unchecked? If 80% of a ferrel cat's diet is rodents, I would think they should be protected. Urban sprawl has destroyed the habitat for native song birds. All of the mature trees are knocked down, a house and three bushes are put it the bare spot. Along comes a cat - a cat, I may add, that has probably just eaten 4 rats.

You can't have it both ways. You can't allow people to carry guns and then let them shoot what they want as well. You can't provide the public with natural areas and then, when they move out to natural areas, allow hunters to kill their cats and birds. I raised 5 children to love the DNR. We spent more vacation time in Wisconsin campgrounds than anywhere else. I will continue to frequent the state parks. I will not let hunters on my land and I know alot of land owners who are beginning to mistrust the DNR as well. The DNR needs to decide which side their bread is buttered on. If you want to help song birds, promote natural habitats in populated areas. But if there are mice and rats, you will have cats. Learn to deal with it.

The DNR is on the defensive because of this and they should be. The hunting of morning doves is just another example of how the DNR has set up programs that will railroad the public. You lost some hunting ground over that one, too. My uncle in Marshal who owns 180 acres stopped hunters from hunting there because he likes morning doves! He also has alot of cats and you should hear him squawk now!

A whole generation of yuppies are moving out of town on to prospective hunting ground. With what you are doing with the cat issue, do you think they are going to trust hunters? There are more robins than morning doves, why not propose shooting them, too! HA. You are shooting your own foot off! It makes me sick to see hunting shows that are inventing recipes to eat morning doves. Those tiny birds probably yield about 1/2 of an ounce of meat. A life is lost over 1/2 oz of meat! I have cat proof bird houses and feeders. I feed my cats twice a day to discourage them from hunting. But I don't have rat problems and I have open bins with oats! I have more problem with the red tailed hawks eating song birds than with my cats!

(name withheld)

(feel free to e-mail Scott Hassett, Secretary of the DNR, and let him know how you feel about this)