Join WisconsinCAT as we seek to make No Kill a reality for Wisconsin's cats

Last words before the election...


Well folks, what have we learned?

We learned that there are a lot of homeless cats wandering around Wisconsin and this is considered a problem by many. Estimates range from 1.4 million to 2 million. These are estimates. Few have taken steps to accurately measure the problem.

We learned that these cats eat birds, roughly one-fifth of a free-roaming cat's diet may consist of bird prey. The other four-fifths is mainly rodent matter (mice and rats). Farmers and other rural folks really like that second part.

We learned that while lots of cats admittedly kill lots of individual birds, they have made no scientifically-measured population impacts. This is reinforced by the Audobon Society's statement that habitat-loss due to human development is the primary known cause of wildbird population loss. Free-roaming cats are at most a "contributing factor" to declining wildbird popluations, according to the most widely trusted sources on the subject.

We learned that there is a strain of thinking in the rural communities that classifying ownerless cats as an "unprotected species" would be a benefit to the lives of people, birds, and cats.


We learned that this strain of thinking is not interested in spay-neuter programs and other non-lethal population control tactics.

We learned that this strain of thinking is not interested in working with leaders and experts in Wisconsin when it comes to effective and humane cat population control.

We learned that this strain of thinking is willing to manipulate science and research to fit a narrow agenda.

We learned that this strain of thinking has ruled the Conservation Congress for so long that it self-identifies as a Hunters Lobby.

We have learned that the conservation interests of our state are in dangerous hands if the Conservation Congress is just a taxpayer-funded rod-and-gun club.

Think about it. Who lobbies the DNR for clean air and water? Read the advisory questions again. I didn't make them up. Scary, huh? They represent the wisdom and the priorities of a group that has abandoned any serious interest in the conservation of our states precious natural resources (not to mention our collective humanity).

So the Conservation Congress needs to truly become the public's voice for natural resources management or it deserves the beating to its credibility that it continues to take. Shooting things doesn't pass for conservation anymore. The risks of mismanaging natural resources are too great to leave in the hands of hunters alone.

Join us as we begin the long process of taking back the DNR and insuring our states' domestic animals are safe from backdoor attacks on our animal cruelty laws!-

Join us as we renegotiate the balance of power within the Conservation Congress, the only legislatively sanctioned public adviser to the DNR!

Join us as we begin to end hunter-dominated conservation politics in Wisconsin!