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Why Wisconsin Loses Million$ with Q62

This is an actual e-mail we recently recieved from a lawyer in Chicago (we receive hundreds of e-mails that make this point, but this one was especially well-wrtitten):

Dear Wisconsin DNR:

The proposal coming before the Wisconsin DNR to allow the hunting and killing of feral cats is patently revolting and I cannot believe that it is even being considered. How would someone with a gun be able to even distinguish a songbird-killing feral cat from a family's lost pet, who managed to get out of the house without a collar on?

I'm a self-admitted "FIB" who has spent a great deal of time enjoying hiking and camping in at least a dozen of Wisconsin's state parks and forests. Along the way, I've infused a great deal of money into Wisconsin's economy at its hotels, restaurants and shops while visiting Wisconsin.

Let me make this blunt. If this proposal to legalize the hunting feral cats passes, aside from losing total respect for the collective intelligence of state of Wisconsin, I will simply choose to cease visiting your state and will personally boycott the purchase any goods or services that emanate from the state of Wisconsin. Period. And I mean it. No Kohler toilets. No Miller beer. And I'm going to tell my friends, family and whoever will listen to me to do the same.

I hope the Wisconsin DNR understands that pleasing the desires of a lobby of gun nuts who feel entitled to shoot at defenseless kittykats merely because they do not bear a collar will result in significant negative economic consequences to your state.

I trust that you will do the right thing and kill this proposal instead of legalizing the killing of man's true best friend.

David Davis
Chicago, IL
Soandso & Soandso LLP

(feel free to e-mail Jim Halpernin, Secretary of the Department of Tourism, and let him know how you feel about this)