Join WisconsinCAT as we seek to make No Kill a reality for Wisconsin's cats

Steve Webber, Wisconsin's newest cat-killer...


Please read "Man Accused Of Killing Second Pet Cat " by Mike Miller which appeared in the May 4th, 2005 edition of Madison's afternoon alternative, The Capital Times for background.

Initial "status conference" was held on Monday, May 16th. Webber's final pre-trial hearing is scheduled for 9:40am on July 7th in Room-308 of the DC courthouse. Jury selection is scheduled for July 25th and the jury trial is scheduled for July 27th at 8:30am, which will be public. We will then know where Wisconsin stands on animal-cruelty as it relates to Mr. Webber.

Because he was charged with jumping bail the day after the animal cruelty charges were filed, he faced additional charges as well. The bail-jumping resulted in a $77 fine.

Webber's case number was #05CF980.

We spoke with Judge Moeser's office and were told that any letter sent to the judge regarding this case would be “included in the court file” and that “copies would be made and distributed to the prosecution as well as the defense." This is a one-stop shop if you want to send just one letter and make sure everyone sees it: the judge, the prosecutor, and the defense.

Letters addressed to Judge Moeser should be either snail-mailed of faxed (608.267.4151), as they will not give out his e-mail address to the public. This seems regressive as a form of listening to the people, but the message is clear that if you want them to hear you...write a letter and send it! The fax option is the easiest and can be done using online tools like eFax if you hate getting off your computer and forgot what a fax-machine looks like.

We also spoke with Mr. Humphrey who expressed concerns that "animal crimes" are sometimes not taken as seriously by some judges. He seemed like a stand-up guy that takes his job seriously. He did not directly recommend writing letters to the judge (this could cause the prosecution problems if they did), but there was no question that public scrutiny was an important factor in many animal-cruelty judgements. Writing to his office is fine, but they are already on our side and well-aware of our scrutiny of this issue. His job is to win the case. His office is part of the Dane County DA's office and their phone number is 608.266.4211.

Please join WisconsinCAT in support of the prosecution while we send a clear message that plea-bargains are unacceptable for serial criminals with a track-record of abuse!

Thank you for making sure that animal-cruelty and its toxic side-effects are not tolerated in our community!

(Special thanks to Kris Aaron of WisconsinCAT for providing the on-the-ground details and background research...)

*** UPDATE ***

A second look at the charges will reveal that he plead no-contest and got four years of probation (no alcohol). Hard to say this constitutes justice...