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Official DSTC T-Shirts...$10 - Cheap!

The Official DSTC T-shirts are here!

This is so easy, I won't even waste a lot of time. We've got short sleeve T's in black or white and long-sleeve T's in black only. Shorties are $10 and long-sleeves are $15 and feature the DSTC Logo.

Sizes are Large and X-Large, especially X-Large. When we're out of a flavor, we're out for now. When we get close to running out, we'll do a second run. Keep buying them and we'll keep making them.

Shipping and handling is $5 no matter where you are or how many you want, provided you need them shipped to you. If you live near Madison, WI, you can stop in either MadCat location and buy them without that fee (call ahead to make sure we have them in stock). We reserve the right to charge the actual shipping cost for bulk orders.

T-shirts will ship immediately upon receipt of payment.

So how do I order? Click here to download the order form.